Oliver Thompson is the proud owner and Master Personal Trainer at Peak Fitness. He has over the last 5 years, established Peak Fitness's reputation as the very best Personal Training and Health and Wellness Studio in Warwickshire, mentoring and training local Personal Trainers. He has been joined by a number of the most exceptional professionals, that you can read about below, all of whom have added their own areas of expertise to Peak Fitness's increasing repertoire of skills and services. Oliver has deliberately sought out the leading experts in their respective fields and flown all over the globe to learn from them, with a calendar that's consistently filled to this day with the latest cutting edge information and courses- his attitude is one of constant education and improvement. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge leading him to specialise in 2 fields- Pain Management and Body Transformation.
His Qualifications include:  
PICP Level 2 Strength and Conditioning - Charles Poliquin (TBC 2013)
PICP Level 1 Strength and Conditioning - Charles Poliquin
Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist 
Active Release Technique- Lower Extremities 
Fascial Abrasion Tool Trained- Charles Poliquin
Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques -Charles Poliquin
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner - Charles Poliquin
R-Phase Movement reeducation specialist- Z Health Performance Solutions
I-Phase Movement Intergration Specialist - Z Health Performance Solutions
S-Phase Movement Performance Specialist- Z Health Performance Solutions
T-Phase Rehabilitation Specialist
9S Structure- Neurotechnician
NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1
Trigenics Upper Extremities- Dr Austin
Trigenics Lower Extremities – Dr Austin
Trigenics Mid body and Spine - Dr Austin
Scientific Core Conditioning - C.H.E.K Institute
Scientific Back Training - C.H.E.K Institute
Master Personal Trainer Level 3 - European Institute of Fitness
Certificate in Weight Management and Nutrition
Fat Loss for Female Client - Francine Savard
Associate Member of the UKSCA
First aid in the Workplace
REPS Level 3 
Fit Pro Member

Oliver is currently not instructing any classes.