Ben has had a genuine passion for health and nutrition for over 10 years and understands exactly how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s fast-paced world. Ben will coach you to achieve complete wellness and the success that will empower you to claim the health and fitness you desire.

Ben has studied with some of the Worlds's top training providers, including Chek, Faster Training and Poloquin Biosignature. Ben has completed his Corrective Exercise Specialist training. In a world where so many people suffer from pain, it is vital to identify muscle imbalances and develop an individualized program to correct this.

With a backgroud in competetive running, cycling and Indoor Rowing, Ben also understands the needs and importance of a balanced program to enhance performance and achieve great results.

Whether you want to shed that excess weight permanently, optimize your athletic performance for an upcoming event, control a health issue naturally, or just enjoy more energy and better health each day, Ben is excited to assist you by creating a program for you! A program that will fit your lifestyle and give you the results you deserve!

Ben is currently not instructing any classes.