Tips on damage limitation during the Christmas Period

Christmas is almost upon us and whilst it’s a great time of year for taking time out of work and spending it with loved ones and friends, its also the time of year that most people trying to loose weight and/or get healthy dread the most. You only have to walk into a local supermarket to see the super size Quality Street tins and biscuit barrels to understand how this period of 12 days or so can be so damaging to your bodyshape and goals. We do however have some useful tips to help you to avoid looking like Santa in the New Year


1. Make the best choice available at the time

Prioritise high protein and low-carb choices, i.e. fill up on Turkey / nuts and try to eat less of Mums Trifle. Starting to overindulge in the wrong things like all the chocolate and desserts can be a vicious cycle, as these high glycemic foods will spike your blood sugars and cause your body to release lots of insulin in an effort to reduce the amount of glucose in your blood, however as your blood sugars fall quickly you will crave more carbohydrates to bring them back up again.


2. Make sure you try to remain somewhat active

Going for family walks at Christmas are a great way of getting fresh air and little bit of exercise. A better idea still would be to try and get some short, focused sessions of resistance or sprint training in- if equipment is limited then several circuits of squats, press-ups and bent over rows with bodyweight /improvised weights (weighty household items) and little rest in between is a surprisingly effective way to increase your insulin sensitivity and reduce the impact of some of the bad choices.


3. Ensure that you get enough high quality sleep

People who get less than 8 hours of sleep are more likely to make poor food choices, eat more, have lower testosterone, have lower growth hormone and higher cortisol levels…. which would in summary be a perfect environment for fat gain and poor all round health.


4. Supplement with Omega 3

Taking a 3g-5g dose of omega 3 to your meals. It will help to lower the glycemic index of what you are eating and has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Omega 3 also helps to switch off your Lipogenic genes (fat storing genes) and switch on your Lipolytic genes (which burn fat).  It also helps to increase your serotonin levels- the hormone that makes you feel good/ happy /not depressed, which in turn helps you make better food choices.




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Wednesday, May 2, 2018 2:20 am
For the common person the time duration from six hours to eight hours is fine for sleep and be on your diets plan while Christmas days. Be yourself busy to giving others the paper writing service reviews and try to sleep just for limited time and do not feel lazy.