How to get results, keep them and get better every year.

In an industry of quick fixes and results yesterday it's easy to see why there are so many carrying around injuries and confidence issues. If you've ever been injured you'll know what I'm talking about, that sudden realisation that you too can break and all the worry that goes with it. The same gies for attempting to lose weight/tone up/get stronger etc? It's a mindset of confidence. I KNOW how to do that, because I've done it before.
In the parts below I'm going to briefly cover how to start reframing your training life so that things get more positive and confidence grows as time goes on. This is not a quick fix article, more of a blueprint to become a very capable, physical specimen.

The first thing we are going to do is simplify the whole training industry for you: "Everything is training, whether you're doing isometrics, rehab, sitting at the office or doing a ball busting circuit." There is no one better than the other, just what you like and what's appropriate to your goals so sort that in your mind now. Good.

Next let's look at the attributes that will get you your desired body, there are only 2! :)

1: Skill, this applies to the amount of experience, knowledge and precision you have in your chosen discipline/exercise. But more importantly, the awareness you have of your body. I've seen people train for years and be outperformed by a relative beginner simply because they have a greater "feel," of their body.
2: Strength/Endurance: How much can you handle and for how long?
Let's be clear on this, it's not a case of mind over matter (unless you're an experienced athlete) it's when does the movement/exercise become an issue to do properly. Something beginners get mixed up regularly, most of the time because their skill element needs working on.

So then training made simple! Right?
If you're now asking yourself some questions like: but how do I know when I'm overdoing it? How do I improve my skill? What moves do I need to do? Good! Come and see us for some advice. Don't let your training get buried in style.



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