The Bowen Technique originated in Australia in the 1950s. It was developed by Tom Bowen who treated around 13,000 people each year with almost a 100% success rate. NST, NeuroStructural integration Technique, is taken from the work of Tom Bowen in the later part of his career.


The Bowen Technique addresses body tension by using a very gentle, hands on approach. The technique is performed by the practitioner using fingers and thumbs to make Bowens unique sets of movements over muscle, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue on precise points of the body reducing pain and allowing better movement. Working holistically The Bowen Technique works on the whole body, therefore not treating just the named condition, but the body as a whole. There is no awkward manipulation of any parts of the body or hard tissue, meaning clients of any age could benefit from treatment sessions. For example a 2 month old baby with colic or an elderly lady of 95 with back pain.


NeuroStructural integration Technique (NST)
The NeuroStructural integration Technique is also derived from the work of Tom Bowen so is similar and takes the same approach as the Bowen Technique. However it focuses more on the structural form of the body as well as the nervous system not just the tension and pain within the body.


It is believed that The Bowen Technique & NST can prompt the body to re-set, repair and re-balance itself with clients reporting that they experienced pain free, very relaxing treatments and an improvement of functioning within the body after treatment.

Problems that often respond well to The Bowen Technique & NST
• Muscular and skeletal problems in neck, shoulder, hip, knees, ankle and back, including sciatica

• Frozen shoulder, tennis and golf elbow, RSI and carpal tunnel

• Whiplash and sports injuries

• Problems with posture and body alignment

• Migraine and recurring headaches

• Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and the difficulties suffered by stroke victims

• Respiratory, bronchial and related conditions such as hay fever and asthma

• Digestive problems such as IBS

• Problems in children and infants such as bed wetting and colic

• Arthritis and calcifications such as bunions

• Hormonal, pregnancy and fertility problems

• Stress management, ME, fatigue and sleep problems.



“I decided to try The Bowen Technique in order to ease the pains I get in the bottom of my back. I found it very intriguing, especially the way the attention given to other areas of my body helped to ease the pressure in my back. The advice given was helpful, aiding my progress so that I could get back into skiing.”

“Extensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy provided little relief and then I discovered the Bowen Technique. I felt the difference immediately, the mobility of my shoulder and arm were both greatly improved.”


“Thank you for getting me back to one of my hobbies, knitting. During my 80 years I have done a lot of it, but had to give up because of numbness in my arms leading into my fingers. Thanks to Rob I no longer have this problem, and can knit as much as I like.”


“After just one Bowen treatment on my knee I felt an improvement. After three treatments the difference to my knee is amazing. People have started to notice I am walking with more confidence. I would recommend The Bowen Technique to anyone without hesitation.”


"Bowen helped my tight hamstrings and my breathing so i could play football again."


" I recently had Bowen treatment from Rob for a long term Achilles injury that had bought my running hobby virtually to an end. I have run a number of marathons and other shorter distances but since the injury have barely been able run run a couple of miles without stumbling and pain. After just three sessions with rob my leg condition has improved significantly. I'm still not running more than 4 miles but I feel much stronger, more confident and my running style is much better balanced.
Rob has a clear no nonsense practical approach and I would recommend him most highly."


“For me the most impressive thing about Bowen was the speed in which things generally started to feel better. The real bonus is the way Bowen looks at the whole body and not just the source of pain.”
Andy Bentley