Injury Rehabilitation

Our Master Personal Trainers are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with complex and challenging injuries. They work closely with Medical Professionals to provide the best cutting edge treatment and rehabilitation protocols available, to get our clients Pain Free and back to full fitness. We have successfully worked with Frozen Shoulders, full joint replacements, ACL reconstructions, trapped nerves, chronic and complex pain, neck and back injuries to name but a few. We take care of the long term aftercare necessary to prevent any relapses and further injuries, addressing : biomechanics, nutrition, supplementation and soft tissue management . 

"When I first met Oli, I had been told by everyone I was losing my sight, I could not drive or even ride a bike. I was so upset and thought my carer which I had been studying for was going to be over before I had started it. I had been seeking support from the RNIB before coming to see Oli.
I was told about Oli and how he can help with vision along with other functions of the brain. At first I was very apprehensive and was not sure what to expect as I had never heard of any treatment like this. 
Oli tailored the sessions around what works for me and tried and tested different exercises to see which would work and which were less effective. After the first few sessions I began to notice a real difference and by half way through the sessions I had not only regained a lot of the sight I had lost but also regained my confidence in simple everyday tasks. I found that Oli understood what it was like to go through the sessions as he had been through them himself and could empathise with the transition. 
Now I have been having sessions for a few months I no longer suffer from migraines but the main thing is that I have regained the sight I had lost and that my sight has stabilized. Since this has happened I have been to see the consultant and have my tests redone. I have been told that I can now drive, ride a bike a look forward to my chosen career I am studying for.
Along with regaining my sight, Oli has also given me back my confidence and it has allowed me to go on to do so many things I thought I would not have the chance to do with losing my sight. 
I cannot thank Oli enough for what he has done, and feel like he has given me my life back."
A. Redding 2015


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