Nutrition  is one of the most emotionally charged and contentious issues outside of religion and politics it's shrouded in mythology and plagued by dogma. So naturally it's one of the most confusing things to get right as there is so much conflicting advice. At Peak Fitness Warwick we have extensive experience and a proven track record in helping our clients achieve optimum nutrition appropriate to their goals. We have spent many thousands of pounds and travelled overseas to receive training from the worlds foremost experts to help us continually hone and sharpen our skills. We hope to help you demistify and simplify your nutritional understanding so that it fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals as effectively as possible. 




"I came to Peak Fitness as a last resort. I had struggled with disordered eating since I was a child and had gained and lost huge amounts of weight since I started dieting around the age of 12. As a result of the last two years of very low calorie dieting and years of constant stress I found myself obese, with adrenal fatigue, exhausted and despairing of ever finding any solution. I had been to see hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, medical doctors, nutritionists and complementary therapists and had tried every diet known to man. I was extremely ‘good’ at dieting; very focused with great amounts of willpower. But each time I tried to eat a 'balanced diet' the weight piled back on.

The first few consultations with Oli were a huge shock to me as Oli told me I had to radically change my eating to turn my health around. Everything I ‘thought’ I knew about healthy eating from years of conventional research and reading was flawed and I had to learn how to eat again, practically from scratch. He educated me, session after session until finally the importance of clean nutrition sunk in and soon I was eating foods I hadn’t touched since I was a child.………I began to sleep better than I had in years, found my energy levels increasing and most importantly for me personally, the violent cravings I had for sugar and carbohydrates subsided, bringing great relief……………The team at Peak Fitness have consistently educated, encouraged and motivated me to transform my life. Every session is enjoyable and training there has become the highlight of my week. I can honestly say that Oli saved both my life and my waistband.”


-C. Leese