Pain Management

Pain is itself an ‘action signal’ from our brains, to alert us to something that it feels threatened by or unclear about, which as a result of its overriding desire to keep us alive means that it try’s to stop us exhibiting a certain behavior, moving a body part or pushing ourselves to our full potential by creating this unpleasant sensation that we know as Pain.


Oliver Thompson and Judith Townshend at Peak Fitness Warwick have a unique combination of experience and expertise that puts us in the fortunate position to be able to offer safe, effective and often immediate reductions and improvements in pain levels of patients whom have suffered chronic pain for years.


We use a broad set of skills and therapies acquired over years of International study to directly address some of the root causes of the Pain not just the location. In fact, a world famous therapist Karel Lewit said, “he who treats the site of pain is lost”.



" I had been suffering from painful knees for sometime. Initially I thought the pain was due to me carrying excess weight, so I tried to address this but wasn’t doing too well on my own. I then developed acute pain in my right knee when I was getting out of a sitting position. I tried seeing various Chiropractors which helped for a while but the pain would start to reappear again after a few weeks. I was starting to think that if things kept going how they were it wouldn’t be long before I would need surgery!

 I decided to book some sessions at Peak Fitness as their website stated they offered pain management and injury rehabilitation. My initial sessions were with Adam, he straight away could see I was struggling with certain exercises so referred me to Ollie for Pain Management. Ollie identified the areas which were affecting my knee and after just two sessions the pain in my knee had disappeared. I also told him about other niggling pains in my neck which were preventing me from getting a good nights sleep. Again Ollie identified what the problem was, gave me some treatment and sound advice and now I can say I sleep better than I have in a long time!

I now look forward to my training sessions with Adam as I can see and feel myself getting stronger each week. I can do full squats and lunges with no problem from my knees, not to mention press ups, something I’ve never been able to do!

I can’t praise both Ollie and Adam enough. Through their expertise, advice and patience I feel a different person. I’ve more energy, sleep better and am getting much stronger and have lost two inches from my bust, waist and hips....

For me booking an appointment at Peak Fitness was the best decision I could have made. It really has made a great improvement in my life."


Karen Lester


pain management