Personal Training


With the demands of the modern lifestyle, being chronically short of time and energy, its no surprise that people today struggle more than ever to prioritise their health. With the help of our one of our expert Personal Trainers we can ensure you are working toward your goals in the safest, most time efficient and cost effective way possible. Guaranteeing that you see lasting improvements.


By booking an appointment with one of our expert Personal Trainers you are taking the most important but often times the hardest step to reclaiming the health and body you have always wanted. Working with a Personal Trainer can save you many hours of your time and very often unecessary expense, by giving the most up to date, scientifically backed and most time efficient method of achieving your goals. Whilst also ensuring that you stay motivated and injury free. To quote one of our happy clients: 


"Seek advice from a qualified personal trainer/nutritionist. I trained for three years with only a basic working knowledge and made average gains. I then hired Oliver Thompson of Peak Fitness ( T:(01926 495691) in Warwick and transformed my physique beyond recognition. By running a Biosignature assessment (which measures your specific body makeup and hormonal balance),running through the correct form and timings of exercises and having an in-depth nutritional plan written up based on my body tolerances and end goals, I was able to get the physique I had been chasing for years within 10 months. I noticed differences within two weeks!" JAMES MEIER PROFESSIONAL MODEL 2013 featured in 'out in the city' magazine.


Personal Training has formed the cornerstone of Peak Fitness’s fantastic local reputation for over 4 years now. Our clients consistently achieve better Health and Fitness than they ever thought possible. Our ethos has always been to move our clients toward better whole body health and wellness, allowing our clients to maintain the great results we achieve. This is sadly in stark contrast to a growing majority of the Fitness industry, which tends to advocate starving, berating and exhausting you to a state of emaciated ill health that is not maintainable long term.


We also have an active mentoring and training scheme for a number of local Personal Trainers.


Personal training