Is there anywhere to park?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

Peak Fitness is situated in location with many parking option close by. 


How do I find out more information?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

Just  book a complimentary initial consultation  or simply call the studio on 01926 495691


How often should I train?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

Current medical guidelines recommend a minimum of 3 periods of 60 minutes of physical activity a week.


However, we see great results with clients who visit us just once or twice a week. Our approach is to try to accomodate a busy lifestyle and work with your diary offering solutions including but not limited to exercise that can be done at home or on the road. Maintaining an active lifestyle overall is beneficial including simple things like walking more. 


If I have a medical condition, will that stop me training?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

Our Expert Personal Trainers have a great deal of expertise and experience in their field and so there is very little that would stop you from enjoying the benefits of exercise along with everyone else. We have worked with many clients with a significant history of medical conditions.


In most cases it will require some specific remedial treatment/ exercise/ acommodation within our program. We liaise with local medical professionals to ensure that we share relevant information to ensure your ongoing care.


Can I afford it?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

We have more than 18 different packages, something to suit most budgets, and can usually tailor a package once we have met you, to your specific needs and goals.


Why personal training?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

More than 60% of people that join gyms every year leave in the first 8 weeks because they see little or no results, injure themselves, get frustrated with overcrowded and often intimidating gyms.

Our expert Master Personal Trainers will guide you every step of your exercise and nutrition prescription, ensuring you stay injury free and seeing great results quickly and efficiently. We also have no more than 4 people exercising in our pristine Personal Training Studio guaranteeing that the quality of your training never suffers in our busy periods.

The end result is excellent training in a friendly, enjoyable, personable and non-intimidating environment.


Am I too old?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

We have clients that have started their exercise programs for the first time in their life in their 80's, proving that its never too late and you are never too old to benefit from the advice of our expert Personal Trainers.They have seen improvements in their posture, bone health, heart and lung function, have had lower blood pressure, experienced improved energy levels, lost body fat and developed their self confidence.

You can also experience these benefits by Booking in a Complimentary In Depth Health Consultation, where one of our Personal Trainers will be able to establish an understanding of your medical and exercise history, what your goals are and advise you on what the best course of action is for you.   


Do I have to be very fit?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

No, in fact many of our clients have little or no history in exercise or sport. Our Personal Trainers at Peak Fitness help clients develope their fitness levels. 

We truely cater for all levels of fitness and have personally trained people with very low levels of fitness right up to World Ranked athletes.


When can I expect to see results?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

Clients report a significant increase in energy levels and general vitality as well as improved sleep in the first few weeks of training.


By the 6 – 12 week stage you can expect significant improvements in fitness levels and body shape.


Will I enjoy training?    icon_smallgreenarrow_27 

Variety is the key; with our experience and expertise we will always find new and different ways to achieve your goals.


Everyone is different and as a result we do not all enjoy the same exercises and ways of training.


It is a two way process, you tell us what you prefer and we will always try and incorporate it into your training to ensure you enjoy every session.