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Efficient and Effective Training

With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s important to find a training approach that yields effective results, fits into your lifestyle and as an added bonus is enjoyable. Here are 6 tips to steer you in the right direction with your training: Read More
9:31 am

Tips on damage limitation during the Christmas Period

Christmas is almost upon us and whilst it’s a great time of year for taking time out of work and spending it with loved ones and friends, its also the time of year that most people trying to loose weight and/or get healthy dread the most. You only have to walk into a local supermarket to see the super size Quality Street tins and biscuit barrels to understand how this period of 12 days or so can be so damaging to your bodyshape and goals. We do however have some useful tips to help you to avoid looking like Santa in the New Year Read More
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Immune Boosting Tips.

If you are always coming down with the latest cold/flu or cough at this time of year, there are many things you can do to bolster your bodies naturals defences. Our top 5 are : Read More