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Guest Blog from our friend Naz at 'Cinnamon Eats' Paleo Blog

Hello! I'm Naz, the writer, recipe developer and photographer behind the blog Cinnamon Eats. My blog is based on mainly sharing recipes for those following a Paleo lifestyle or for those people who just want to eat REAL food! I'm going to assume that not all of you reading this post are too familiar with what Paleo is exactly, but before I go into that I want to tell you about my story and how I came to eating and living this way. Read More
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Guest Blog Post on Shoulder Pain

The shoulder girdle is perhaps the most complex, intricate collection of joints in the body. Comprising four bones, over fourteen muscles, eleven ligaments and four different joints, it is easy to see why this is one of the most commonly injured areas of the body. Read More
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New Year New Brain- Tips for Optimal Brain Health

Almost everyone at this time of year seems completely pre occupied with ‘losing weight’ or ‘toning up’ which has un-doubtable body wide health benefits when done correctly. But as Personal Trainers we know that it requires a broader scope and more holistic approach to achieve true optimal Health and Fitness. We believe that people in general overlook the most important part of a health and fitness drive- the Brain, after all this is our bodily CEO Read More
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1. Set realistic goals- As Personal Trainers we have a good idea of how long we expect reaching certain goals should take you with many years of experience, but sadly there are hundreds of magazines and companies selling products that make exaggerated and sometimes altogether false claims. Read More