Preventative care advice from a Physio

The health/medical industry is currently built on a model of reactive therapies. 

Q: When did you last go to see your GP or Physio because you felt healthy?

A: Probably never
However, you will pay good money each year to ensure your boiler is running smoothly; your car is serviceable for winter; your trainers ok for another 500 miles;  your eyes ok for vision and the dentist to check your teeth.

Because, you are told that in order to prevent problems you have to service these items regularly.
So let me ask you again. 
When did you last see a Physio, GP or for that matter any other health practitioner to make sure your health and body were up to starting the January health kick, the spring clean, taking your kids to the park?
I'm sure those who have answered 'yes' are few in number.
So let me ask another question. 

Q: How many of you have stopped activity or sport in the last 12 months because of an UNFORESEEN injury?

A: Every client I see.

Most acute injuries, back pain; Tendonopathy and muscle strains are not freak accidents they are products of our lifestyle and poor preparations.

Have you ever heard the saying 'prior planning prevents poor performance'?
Having worked in elite sport as a Physio I can tell you it is not about reacting to injury. 
Far from it, it's about prevention. 
Injury is related to risk analysis as an individual and as a team. We know, for example, footballers are prone to hamstring and groin strains where as office workers and nurses are likely to have bad backs. These aren't products of our genes but our lifestyle and habits. If they weren't, then why can we fix them?!
With a thorough assessment you can identify YOUR weaknesses and make them strengths.  
You don't have to wait for injury to react. 

There is a saying in sport -'offence is the best defence'.
With our help you can


By having an assessment, we can work out where you are restricted with movement, weak or unstable and guide you towards an appropriate prevention plan.

• Prevention

Using the assessment findings we can apply the right corrective strategies for you, from massage to exercise to reduce your future risk. 

And finally


By implementing the above you should have a robust plan that has reduced your potential injury risk.

So don't wait for your next injury, get checked by us today! 

We look forward to helping you soon.