Habits that will Change your life...

Being afraid of time is a slippery slope and sounds a bit irrational, but many of us are in this category. We tell ourselves there's not enough time to do what we want/need and we spend our days like robots. The following 10 points will have you realising the choices you're making are actually "training," yourself to feel this way.
Check them out and even better implement them!

1: Wake early
This is the most desired one of those that wish to start a new routine, but often crushes motivation straight out the box. Why? Because people either throw too much on their plate at once (up early, train/jog, home, change for work, prepare food etc, etc) or forget that for the first week they are going to feel tired and need an early night. So they will "miss out," on their usual habits for a bit while they adjust.

2: Getting the important things done first; makes a huge difference to people's motivation as it really empowers the person and clears that nagging guilt for the rest of the day, turning a person from an avoider to a seeker, giving you more energy and head space for the rest of the day. Just make sure the list is small, with appropriate targets for your motivation and time.

3: Set up goals for your efforts:
It's really important to know when you reach your target and what you're aiming at. Just like getting the big jobs done first, goals will empower you and give you a much needed pat on the back when you get there. It'll also break the "every day's the same," thinking.

4: Move your body up the priority list
How many of us sit for a job?! How many of us sit for more than 3hours at a time? How many wish we didn't crave crappy foods? Or were more productive? Or were less sickly?
Let's all start realising everything you are, feel and think is a result of your bodies health. End of.
The quickest way to feel better about life is to stimulate yourself with movement!

5: Seek unbiased advice
Not sure how to do something? The Internet is a wonderful tool and gives many of us that opportunity. Getting the right advice is often the result of having someone asking you the right questions. Seek advice from those who listen and ask more than they talk.

6: Be around productive/inspiring people/material
The environment you're in is (in my opinion) the biggest single factor that sets our outcomes.
Check out Alice:
Alice loves cakes, she works in an office with 3 other ladies. They all get on and love a good chat over lunch. Alice's friends all like their cakes and tend to alternate who's turn it is to bring them in next. I don't think it would be that easy for Alice to just stop eating them, do you?
Seeking advice from someone that's going to help you see the bigger picture and avoid you playing the "blame game," are worth their weight in gold!

7: Breathe
This one (as well as No.8) are so important, no dare I say essential, to everyday life and health.
The oxygen and carbon dioxide balance of your blood makes sure processes in the body go smoothly. So be aware any time you have to sigh, yawn, get a headache or hold your breath, breathing (subconsciously) has taken a back seat. Just remember your brain runs on three basic things: oxygen, glucose and activation. No movement, poor diet and irregular breathing leads to low performance.
Taking 1min to simply place your hands on the sides of your ribs and breathe can drastically change our outlook and health.

8: Drink Water
So you're human, congratulations! Water and breathing are the two most important things you need to be doing to stay healthy. Did you know your internal organs can actually shrink in size?
They act like sponges and get squeezed dry to fund your bodies processes if there is not enough hydration. Ever touched a dry sponge? Would you want one trying to filter out all the nasties from your blood, or trying to absorb nutrients from your food?
The most common thing I hear about drinking water is that they have to go to the bathroom "all the time." So would I if I had organs half their size, working at half their capacity. Give it time and increase it slowly to ensure optimal health. Oh and best time is in the morning.
If you find you don't get hungry, are tired at certain times of the day, feel slow, hold tension, bad skin etc etc, then drink more!

9: Make sure you sleep in darkness and silence
No.9 and 10 are kinda linked. Sleeping with the minimal amount of stimulation possible will greatly increase the quality of the restoration of your tissues. Got a niggle that just won't go away, yet on holiday it "clears up." Well I can assure you quality sleep might be your ticket to health. Want to lose weight, what do you think you live off during the night? It's a time when your body gets to reset the clock and clean away all the rubbish of the day. If you're pouring in a lot of rubbish (stimulants, hormones, emotions, deadlines, alcohol, exercise) then you're going to need to get some serious sleep.
Complete darkness and no phone is a great start.

10: Avoid technology
Checking your phone every 5mins isn't just anti social, it's a real strain on your stress levels as well. Taking some time away to just "be around," the world you're in can realign our focus and wellbeing.
Things like only letting yourself check your phone in the morning and evening, or at set times during the day.
See how long you can go without reaching for the shiny screen!

Wishing you Health & Happiness