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Sam is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, he is currently building on his expertise and experience with our team of Trainers. He has always wanted to work in the Fitness industry and wasn’t quite sure which route to go down, but with a love for sport and fitness that’s when he realised, he wanted to be a Personal Trainer. He has a good knowledge and understanding in many areas of physical exercise . He is educating and showing himself to be a burgeoning star in the field of Body Fat Loss. He has played County level Rugby and Basketball. National level Table Tennis, he's  played football, cricket, badminton, rounders and cross country at club level. He is a rising star at Peak Fitness Warwick.
Level 3 Qualification includes:
Level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing (QCF)
• Anatomy and physiology for exercise • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
• Principles of exercise, fitness and health
• Planning gym-based exercise
• Instructing gym-based exercise
Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in sports development, coaching and fitness.
• Training and fitness for sport
• Sports development
• Sports nutrition
• Psychology for sports performance
• Sports injuries
• Sport and exercise massage
Level 3 Nutrition and weight management
Level 3 anatomy and Physiology
Warwick is a coach of the physical condition and all that goes with it. Over the last 15 years he has worked with different styles and practices so he can best help those with questions ranging from "Why is my body hurting?" to "How do I become physically able/successful in doing ----?"

"The secret to getting the right answer is asking the right questions"

Warwick firmly believes in avoiding a stylised approach and works with the client in front of him that day, creating results along an agreed upon timeline. Client history and assessment are essential for targeting the correct routes to success.

"As much as I love watching people grow and develop, I do struggle to understand why clients would want to stay in pain, put up with lack lustre performance, when they don't have to.
Do what works.
How do you know?
You get better, not kind of if you do x,y,z, but an actual resolution of symptoms/ gain in performance over an agreed amount of time. To the point sessions are no longer required.
There should be proof of change with measurable, objective assessments to show this. Per session, per week, per month etc.
For me there are no exceptions to this rule
The same goes for performance!"


Some of his professional qualifications:

Dip: Fitness Trainer, Sports Therapist, Faster Functional Therapy,

PTS Resisted Movement Training,

Reiki Master,

Crossfit Mobility Workshop,

ZHealth: R,I,S,T,

Advanced 9S: Sustenance & Spirit, Structure.


Ben has had a genuine passion for health and nutrition for over 10 years and understands exactly how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s fast-paced world. Ben will coach you to achieve complete wellness and the success that will empower you to claim the health and fitness you desire.

Ben has studied with some of the Worlds's top training providers, including Chek, Faster Training and Poloquin Biosignature. Ben has completed his Corrective Exercise Specialist training. In a world where so many people suffer from pain, it is vital to identify muscle imbalances and develop an individualized program to correct this.

With a backgroud in competetive running, cycling and Indoor Rowing, Ben also understands the needs and importance of a balanced program to enhance performance and achieve great results.

Whether you want to shed that excess weight permanently, optimize your athletic performance for an upcoming event, control a health issue naturally, or just enjoy more energy and better health each day, Ben is excited to assist you by creating a program for you! A program that will fit your lifestyle and give you the results you deserve!


Jon is a chartered Physiotherapist with a BSC (hons) degree in Physiotherapy from York St Johns University. Following his graduation in 2008 he has gained experience working in both the NHS in Warwick and private practices in Surrey, Oxford and Coventry where he worked with patients with both acute and long term chronic problems from ankle sprains to bad backs and all levels of physical ability including commonwealth fencers, olympic archers and athletes.
Prior to setting up his own practice and joining the team at Peak fitness Warwick, Jon held the role of Lead Physiotherapist for Coventry City Football Club development and academy teams. In this role he was responsible for the development of injury prevention strategies and management of acute injuries, plus post surgical rehabilitation of players across all age groups working closely with local consultants and the fitness team to restore the player full potential.

Before qualifying as a chartered physiotherapist Jon worked as a qualified Personal trainer in Bristol, holding a sports science degree from The university of St Mark & St John, Plymouth. He now is looking to bring this wealth of knowledge into private practice at Peak Fitness to add to the already knowledgeable team.

Outside of work Jon is a keen sportsman with a particular interest in triathlon racing and training. He currently competes in olympic and sprint distance events but is looking to forwards to pushing towards long course in the near future. He also has a background in half marathons, marathons and rugby and is keen to assist in providing you with expertise on injury prevention and rehabilitation to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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